-*The following recordings are those by Mark Lewis, a man found dead in his apartment located in Los Angeles, California. All of the following audio has been transcribed directly (including background noises). Some may find the following disturbing.*

• Recording. 1# September 17th, 2009: 4:39 p.m PST
-Sharp static- -click- Hello, this is Mark Lewis. I live in the 66th room of the Villa Brasil Motel located in Los Angeles, California. I couldn’t of chose a crappier motel. I’m still paying off my student loans so this is sadly the only thing I could afford. I recently found these empty cassette tapes in the back of my closet. I think my mom might’ve given ‘em to me last Christmas. –Chuckles- She was always a cheap woman…. I can’t believe she is gone…sorry, I’m getting off-track. I have decided to start recording everything I do from this point forward. Some…things have been happening lately that I just can’t explain. I just have recently felt as if something was…watching me. I’m not sure how to explain it. I just feel like whenever I turn my back there are eyes burrowing into the back of my head. That’s not the only thing, though. I’ve been having these nightmares. Not just your average sort of nightmare where you fall off a cliff or something. They are all really disturbing, screwed up nightmares. I haven’t slept in days, the nightmares are just…-Sighing is heard- -click-

• Recording. 2# September 19th, 2009: 10:00 a.m PST
-click- I tried to sleep last night, just to see if the nightmares were gone considering I haven’t slept in a few days. Once again I had a nightmare…but this one was different than the others. There was this creature…or a man. I’m not really sure. Anyways, this thing was maybe eight or nine feet tall. It had bleach-white skin, arms way too long for its body, and these pitch black eyes. The worst part though was his mouth, or what was left of his mouth. It looked as if some of the flesh around his mouth had fused together to form a sort of muzzle. The whole dream was just it standing there over me…and I couldn’t move. It was as if I was tied down to something. I don’t know why the dream was so terrifying to me. It was just those eyes…those black empty eyes. It all seemed so real to me. I don’t think I’m going to sleep anymore. -Click-

• Recording. 3# September 23rd, 2009: 9:00 p.m PST
-Click- I…I saw something, well I think I might’ve. I’m really confused right now. So…I was just randomly flipping through the channels on the crappy little TV in my apartment. I think we only get seventeen channels so there isn’t much to choose from. -Coughing- Anyways, while I was watching TV, I felt that “someone’s watching me” feeling. I cautiously looked behind me, once again seeing nothing. About an hour later, I felt the feeling again. I turned around faster this time, to see if I could catch whatever might’ve been there. –Silent for a few moments- I saw it…. The thing from my dreams. It was just…standing there. Then…it just turned and walked away. I jumped up from my couch and quickly ran into my room. Not entirely sure why I ran…never was the smartest guy. Anyways, when I got in my room…it was gone. It didn’t even look like anyone was there. The window wasn’t even opened so it couldn’t have climbed in. I checked my entire room but still nothing. I…I’m really scared right now. –Ruffling is heard- god…. I need more pills. -Click-

• Recording. 4# September 25th, 2009: 7:39 p.m PST
-Click- I saw it again today…the damned thing. I was at work. I work at the local supermarket. I really hate my job; I barely get paid minimum wage. But I still have to pay back those loans and this was the only job I could get. So I was helping a customer bag her groceries, just a normal day, when I felt this sudden urge to look out the window. In fact, the whole day I had felt like something was watching me. I glanced out and it right there…right at the damn window. From what I can remember I dropped all of her groceries out of pure terror. No one else saw it, though…I’m not crazy. I know it’s real…I know it. -Click-

• Recording. 5# September 27th, 3:27 p.m PST
-Click- I didn’t go to work yesterday, I was too scared to leave my home. I was afraid I was going to see that…that “thing” again. I always feel like I’m being watched now, all the time. -Breathing-… I think it’s behind me.

• Recording. 6# October 1st, 10:37 p.m PST
-Click- I’ve been fired from my job. I haven’t left my house in days…I have been too scared to leave. I see it all the time now; everywhere I look…just standing there. Staring at me with those damn, empty eyes…. LEAVE ME ALONE YOU PIECE OF SHIT! -Bottle cracking from far away- -Click-

• Recording. 7# October 3rd, 3:28 p.m PST
-Click- I left my house today…I don’t know why. I only needed to go to the pharmacy for my pills…it followed me the whole damn time. I asked everyone if they saw it…-slight sobbing is heard- no one else saw it…it is there. I know it’s real…I’m not crazy…I’m NOT! -Sobbing is heard- -Click-

• Recording. 8# October 4th, 1:49 a.m PST
-Click- JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! –Sobbing is heard- GO AWAY! -Glass breaking is heard- -click-

• Recording. 9# October 6th, 3:37 p.m PST
-Click- I…I bought a gun today. Just a simple shotgun…nothing major. If that thing shows it face again…-cocking is heard- -click-

• Recording. 10# October 7th, 3:29 a.m PST
-Click- I’m not crazy…I’m not crazy…. –something solid is heard being poured-drinking is heard- -click-

• Recording. 11# October 8th, 12:01 p.m PST
-Click- I…I can’t handle this anymore. It won’t leave me alone…. -sobbing is heard- -cocking- It can’t kill me if I’m already dead…. I’m not going to let it get me. -Gunshot is heard- -a thud is heard- -sharp static-

*An autopsy done on the body of Mark Lewis found heavy doses of Amitriptyline in his blood. This is a antidepressant drug used for moderate to severe depression. Side effects include psychosis, increased depression, thoughts of suicide, and hallucinations.*

by phillybro10


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